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DUB Hey all, just got home from my flight and it was good! Flew out just under an hour late on the Hertz logojet (EI-CJC) made it over to dublin in around 25-30 minutes which was very good!! The aircraft was quite comfortable sat in the over wing exits and they were quite comfortable. Crew were very friendly!

On the return we were around 30minutes late departing on the Vodafone logo jet (EI-CNT)and made it in around 30minutes aswell. The landing was the roughest ive ever been on, FOG was thick and visibility was very limited. The brakes were applied VERY! hard and reversers were very loud! We used all of the runway aswell. The crew could not stop giggling on the PA and if i had not been crew i would not have known how to get out in an emergency because of the crews poor demo!

All in all, the 737-200 was comfortable, and although late we made up a lot of time and it was definatly worth the £20rtn!

Would definatly fly Ryanair again!!

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If it was a hard landing and the brakes were applied very hard, he's probably put it down too far up the runway

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Excellent report as im flying the same route next Wednesday, would well settle for Vodafone and Hertz!

Sounds like a typical LBA landing, especially in the conditions.

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Nice report - shame about the weather.

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Nice report

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Glad you enjoyed it.

It also seems like you couldn't have had a better selection of aircraft either! ;)

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Two Logo-Jets eh! Not bad at all! Nice Report!

Kestrel :)