Belfast Airports - Help needed!

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Hi folks,

I have to make a day trip over to Belfast in August and wondered if anyone can tell me which airport is better to fly into, BFS or BHD?

I'll be going to Danesfort College area (US Embassy) if anyone local knows it?

Ideally, I need to fly from EMA, BHX or MAN.

As you will see, I've never been before. All suggestions greatly appreciated!

Cheers :)

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I think that's in South Belfast though don't quote me.

If so, probably best flying into BHD.
BA do MAN-BHD and Flybe do BHX-BHD.

If you decide BFS, Bmi Baby do MAN/BHX/EMA-BFS.

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Danesfort College is of the Stranmillis Road and is in South Belfast. Not sure were abouts though. BHD would be your better option, probably about 5 miles away.

Hope that helps. ;)

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personally i would go for the cheaper of the 2 lol

Flights to Belfast International Airport can sometimes be cheaper than flights into the city. The airport is about 30 or 40 mins from the city depending on traffic. The city is handy with it being bang in the middle of the city with some nice scenery on approach on a good day!!

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Thanks for all the replies guys.

I think I'll go for Flybe from BHX into BHD. There's no difference in price between then and bmibaby into BFS but obviously BFS is further away and I'm sick of travelling on 737's at the moment. I'm quite looking forward to a 146 or maybe if I'm really lucky they'll downgrade the flight to the Q400!