I,m off to prague

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Hi All

Well This will be one of my last posts till Tuesday Night. Off to Prague in less than 18 Hours from Leeds/Bradford on Jet2.com

I'll try and get some photos from Leeds in the Morning. Check-in in at 05:00 for 07:00 departure off flight LS195.
Also I'll try to get some intresting photos from Prague on the way home on Tuesday. Thats if I'm not to Drunk to remember. It is a lads weekend after all. Forget the Spotting think about drinking larger for 80p per pint.

Anyway you all better look forward to a good jet2 trip report.

I'll try and get back on the thread later tonight before i go. You never know?

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80p should buy you two pints in Prague! Get on a tram, go to the end of the line and find a locals bar for some real Prague life - trip should take about 30 minutes. We went on route 12 north!!!

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Enjoy! :)

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Have a great time mate, maybe you might even get TF-ELA on your flight, I saw it being towed out of the Multiflight hanger today, over to a remote parking position :).

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If possible, could you get a cabin shot? Would like to see it.

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Nice airport Ruzyne since they modernised it about 6 years ago.
Used be dire.
Last time I was there in the business lounge, I was sitting next to David Learmount.
One guy was asking, who is that sitting next to wawkrk!
Did you know this is another hilltop airport like LBA.
Only more so,1247ft above sea level.
Plenty more like this, more than you can imagine.

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Have a great time in Prague lbaspotter :) Never been there myself.

Looking forward to the trip report.