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I never knew SAS Commuter had F50s, can anyone tell me anything about this, I was very surprised to see the following pic:

Additionnaly, is it me or does the KLM livery look stunning on the Bae 146:

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There are 6 Fokker 50s which are basically used only on domestic routes as back up aircraft to the Q400s.

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I saw one SAS F50 when i went to Copenhagen a year or so ago. We travelled on a Skyways Fokker 50 and it was parked up next to a SAS F50. I don't think they're used a lot either.

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SAS had 23 F50's

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I remember the days when SAS operated 2/3 Daily flights NCL-CPH using the F50 ;)

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Originally replacing SAS Commuter Operations Department's F27, the F50 was the backbone of Scandinavian Commuter's regional operations from 1989-1999 when the first Q400s were delivered. Since then they've been phased out, the ones remaining are operated by SAS Braathens on the Norwegian west coast. The fleet has actually been expanded the last few years so I'd say they fly quite a lot.

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I flew on SAS Eurolink F.50 OY-KAG Gothenburg-Copenhagen on 9th February 1994 during a trip to Gothenburg - I seem to recall specially planning coming back GOT-CPH-AMS-EMA rather than a more simple route so that I could try out a Fokker 50 for the first time! :)


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Yeah, I went on an SAS F50 back in 1999 between Jonkoping (Sweden) and Copenhagan.

It was my first F50 flight and I remember it being one hell of a ride; particularly the approach into Copenhagan over the sea in an autumn gale. Who needs Alton Towers eh? :)