Maintaining Currency

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Should the rules be tighter?

We all lambast drivers for their inability and inexperience endangering us on the roads. Pilots endanger themselves sometimes fatally seemingly through a lack of currency.

Would you concur with both statements?

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I guess you could say that there is little evidence to back this up, or is there? I have no idea, but considering alot of accidents are with experienced pilots at the controls and alot of the time they are airline captains (choosing to fly something else rather than the big iron), to be honest it would open a can of worms, where I did my PPL they stipulated a 28 day currency validity period or it's up with an instructor, my club right now it's 3 months, i think this is insurance driven, maybe that's the way to go, but in reality, once in 3 months, or once in a month, does it really matter? because to be really current you need to be flying once a week? again just playing devil's advocate, but worth a discussion none the less


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Interesting topic. If I have not flown for a while, I tend to be extra careful in everything I do whether it be the flying or the pre flight inspection. I cover everything twice, check and double check and constantly remind myself that I'm rusty. I also tend to go for a local flight and keep things simple rather than launch off into the great blue yonder. Thats not to say that I dont usually prepare thoroughly for a flight, but if I am not current I AM aware of the problems that can bring.

With that in mind, would I be better or worse off than someone who is very current but has become complacent? The ones that are so current that their preparation consists of a quick glance at a map and kicking the tyres..........and then they take off with the pitot cover on!

I dont think lack of currency is such an issue if one is aware of its dangers and treats it accordingly. Some say familiarity breeds complacency, so its all swings and roundabouts.

Ultimately its all about attitude. An uncurrent pilot who prepares thoroughly and has a sensible approach is probably safer than a complacent current pilot.

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I have often thought about this. I think that, as has already been said, providing you recognise the fact that you do not fly often and are extra vigilant and use the checklists correctly then you are reducing the risks quite considerably. I tend to plan my trips, as much as possible, at home so that I can take time to study the route carefully. Then I only have fill in the missing weather details, check NOTAMS etc on arrival at the airfield. This, I find, reduces the stress on me when time is of the essence.

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Back when I first did my PPL, and I was short on cash, I would not fly for the first 11.5 months of the then 13 month period, and then do a check ride followed by 4 hours solo over 4 weeks, with 2 spare for bad weather, etc. It was the only way I could afford to do it, and I felt safer doing it that way.

Now I am getting my currency back, I intend to fly at least once or twice a month, and will take a 'military' attitude to preparation and checklists (ie use them!) and make sure that I practice at least one major emergency on each trip.