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I am the first to admit I spend far too much time playing Flight Simulator and Flight Unlimited on my PC, but has anyone played Airport inc, the game which lets you build and run a major international hub?

This game has destroyed any spare time I have left after work! You start off from scratch, buy the land, build your airport, negotiate with airlines and retail businesses, there is too much too mention!

Seriously, if you like airliners as much as I do, you have to purchase Airport inc right now!! You'll thank me for it!

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I´ve seen it at a place and I almost bought it. I suppose the program includes real airports. I would be really greatful if you could check if my city´s one is included in the game. That´s SCQ.

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I'll get back to you on that one Keltic, I'm not using my own PC at the moment. I have used London and Manchester as airports, but most major cities are represented. When you start a game, you choose which continent you would like to use, followed by country, and finally of course, which city.

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Just had a look at the airports in the game Keltic, the only Spanish cities used are Madrid and Barcelona. Hope this will be of some help!


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It would too good to be true. Thanks to have checked for me, Iam really greatfull. Then I won´t purchase it.

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U guys are lucky to get all that in India only famous games come. Like the latest here is Microsoft Flight Stimulator 2000.

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I totally agree that it is a good game the only problem that i find is that the airport grows to quickly and by the time all the good equipment is introduced such as the jetways, the airport is too big and congestion is a major problem.

PS: Their is a patch for the game on the net which stops airlines and passengers being bias to one terminal. Also their is a trainer on the net which allows you to alter the cash that you start with but dont download it. It is a virus, believe me i found out too late.

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i totally agree with you airport inc is a really good game and you do get addicted to it an aufull lot and i would advise every single fligh sim lover out there to GO OUT AND BUY IT!!!!!! thanks
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I have that trainer I got from a web site that allows you to have millions of dollars to start with. I have not had any adverse affects from it. What does it do?

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I bought Airport Inc and loaded it successfully on my PC, but the game just wouldn't play.

At the time, I had 64 MB or RAM, Celeron 550 processor and 12 MB on board graphics. I took the my PC to PC World and even they couldn't figure out why it wouldn't run. I even upgraded the RAM to 128 MB, installed a 32 MB independent graphics card, but Airport Inc still wouldn't run.

PC World called the TAKE2 Technical Help Desk (they make the game) and even the Technical people couldn't figure out what the problem was. I kept on being told my machine is more than adequate to play the game, but sometimes certain games just won't work properly.

I feel as though I have missed out big time. I've heard from various people its a great game to play and now you have also confirmed this.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to keep missing out. If you have any suggestions as to what I might be able to do, I would really appreciate your help.

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