Express rail links from Cities to airports

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Where in the world are 2 airports linked by 1 rail system, showing the sharing of aviation prosperity and thus giving an example to Manchester and Liverpool airports [UK]. Considering Manchester proposes to use Liverpool's objective one, millions to link Manchester A/P to Lime street station bypassing Liverpool [Speke airport] by 2 miles.

Is this a lack of vision?

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RE: Express rail links from Cities to airports

Sounds more like common sense to me. Why offer a rail link to a competing airport and potentially feed passengers from many different airlines into easyJet's system?

If Stelios (Liverpool's saviour), for whom I have a great deal of admiration and whose airline I have frequently used, wanted a virtually free access to Manchester and walked away when it wasn't forthcoming, you can't expect Manchester to sink a small fortune in providing his passengers with a link from a much bigger and ai travel using hinterland than Liverpool has.

I can't think of too many rail links between two competing airports.

The ones that spring to mind are those in Germany where Dusseldorf and Frankfurt are linked by rail, with an easy connection to Cologne, but this has nothing to do with the airports and all to do with Lufthansa running there own trains whilst trying to concentrate services on Frankfurt.

These journeys, which all carry flight numbers, are now operated by DLH partners and have been severely curtailed with DLH now flying between DUS and FRA many times a day

BTW, Manchester Airport and Lime St are already linked by direct rail

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RE: Express rail links from Cities to airports

For John Prescott to grant 3 billion to Manchesters Metrolink means they must be doing something right! Good luck to them.

I'm still searching the Liverpool Echo for Liverpools share or ambition.

Of course, Liverpool will have objective 1 money which as we know is not a prize for being smart! e.g. THE LIVERPOOL VISION REGENERATION EXHIBITION last May proposes to spend multi-millions on a Lime street station express rail-link direct to Mancheter airport bypassing liverpool airport by TWO MILES!

For Liverpool to fund its own unemployment with its OWN OBJECTIVE ONE money and surely lack of vision and hardly an integrated transport policy.

Sharing of the aviation prosperity which is due to double inside 10 yrs between the two international airports can be secured for Liverpool jobs by direct rail linking of both airports. Otherwise when Manchester reaches its movements capacity in 2006 it will seek, like Heathrow [daily telegraph 29th May 2000] to need another runway.

The Liverpool Echo has so far refused to print my comments as its not a campaigning newspaper UNLIKE the Manchester Evening News which is dynamic and braggs about being a factor in John Prescott's generosity.

Liverpool Visionary Regeneration strategy [outline draft] pp31 item 15 throws in one million for a Manchester airport check-in at Lime Street station, without mentioning Speke airport again!

At 60000 feet both airports co-operate, on the ground .... !!!

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RE: Express rail links from Cities to airports

Some facts:

Over a 50 year period until the advent of easyJet, Manchester grew, Liverpool didn't.

Manchester is at the centre of a road/rail/air hub. Liverpool is out on a limb.

Carriers only go to Liverpool when they get access for next to nothing. The sad truth is that the whole infrasructure of Merseyside has been a mess since the end of the 1960s and the airport cannot generate enough paying traffic to offer the extensive service even a regional airport needs today.

The sensible thing would have been for Manchester to have bought
Speke, built a rail link between the two and kept he scheduled business in Manchester and moved if not all, the charter traffic
to Liverpool, with free access both ways.

Of course local politics and pride stopped this.