Battle for Air India?

The business pages of British Ceefax and Teletext are reporting the following today:

Virgin Atlantic is holding talks with Air India about the level at which it should bid for a participating interest in Air India.

British Airways and Jet Airways are to make a "bid" for Air India - size of share/total buyout bid not specified.

Can anyone in India please quote AUTHORATATIVE reaction from the Indian companies/government and also what is the Indian govts position on foreign participation in AIC?

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RE: Battle for Air India?

Hello PhilipB,
In India there many companies keen to take a share in Air India. Virgin Atlantic which has just started coming to India is very keen in a share in IA but I dont think that it will work out as allready AI has had an argument regarding the aircraft being baught to India. First Virgin told AI that they are bringing an A340 to India but at the last minute they changed there mind and got a747-200. BA is also very keen with other airlines like Lufthansa, KLM, Malaysian, Jet and Singapore in line. Jet is not very keen in buying shares in IA as they are more interested in taking a share in Indian Airlines which is also in a big mess like IA. As for other companies Indias largest company the Tata groipe is also very keen in taking share. The chairman Ratan Tata who is the son of JRD Tata who first started IA. No other company has shown interest.

Kabir From New Delhi