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Jet2 welcomes first A321neo into service

The low-cost leisure carrier rolled out the VIP treatment in celebration

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Flying on a 40-year-old Boeing 737-200 in Honduras

Most aviation enthusiasts can appreciate the iconic lines of a classic jet. But there’s a small contingent that yearns for the days before carbon-fibre and glass cockpits to such a degree they’re willing to travel to the ends of the world to find them. Daniel Johnston recalls his recent expedition to Latin America in the pursuit of the increasingly rare Boeing 737-200

BREAKING: Ryanair places its biggest Boeing order to date

The deal strengthens the carrier’s relationship with Boeing, and is reportedly worth over $40 billion

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Iran Air Airbus A310 turbulence report published

The Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB) of the Iranian Civil Aviation Authority has released its final report into the events which led to the injuries of two people onboard an Iran Air jet.

Boeing 747s return to service with Emirates

Two Queens of the Sky have been leased by the operator – the first time they’ve been used by the carrier in six years

Mexican President FINALLY sells Boeing 787

After a long period of trying to sell the jet, it now has a new owner

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How Airbus is breathing life back into its A380 production line

The production facility responsible for the A380 is receiving a new lease of life as Airbus is set to begin building its popular A321neo at the site. Richard Schuurman visits Toulouse for Aviation News

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Could this aircraft replace the 737? Boeing Transonic Truss-Braced Wing explained

Boeing and NASA have emerged with an eye-catching new concept for a future commercial airliner, reports Mark Broadbent

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Inside Bombardier's rapidly expanding service centre network

Bombardier Aviation has rapidly expanded its business jet service centre network around the world. Ian Harbison gives us a run-through of the key global developments over an industrious few months.

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Why did the Mitsubishi SpaceJet fail?

With prototypes flying and firm orders in place, why did Mitsubishi axe its regional jet programme? Mark Broadbent details the turbulent times which led to the cancellation of the SpaceJet project.