Douglas C-47

Line-up announced for 2024 D-Day Squadron visit

A provisional list of C-47 and DC-3 aircraft has been confirmed along with an itinerary for next year’s much anticipated tour

Dakota hangar opening to mark Metheringham anniversary

The Lincolnshire attraction will celebrate a double anniversary with a special public event on Sunday, August 27

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World War Two RAF Dakota pilot stories

Graham Pitchfork, in the November 2011 issue of FlyPast,  profiled two exceptional RAF Dakota pilots who went unarmed into harm’s way

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US Air Force AC-47s in Vietnam – the first gunships

One of the more unusual tasks for the C-47 was as a gunship. The AC-47 Spooky saw extensive service in the Vietnam War as Philip Chinnery detailed in the June 2015 issue of FlyPast

Historic Aviation Quiz: The DC-3

With Key.Aero celebrating Douglas’ indomitable DC-3, we dedicate this week’s quiz to what is perhaps one of the most iconic aeroplanes ever – and one that still ploughs the skies for trade hauling cargo, more than 80 years after it first took to the air. But how much do you know about the type many believe say will never die and could well be one of the first to beat a century in service?

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Why the Douglas C-47 was so important in World War Two

General Eisenhower listed four devices that were vital to the war: the atom bomb, the bazooka, the jeep and the C-47. In the November 2011 Flypast, Michael O’Leary outlined the latter’s contribution

D-Day Squadron hopes to undertake 2024 tour

The proposed return follows a historic North Atlantic crossing in 2019 and it’s seeking funding to make it happen

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How does the RAF train its modern-day Lancaster pilots?

Take a deep dive into the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s syllabus for converting current RAF aviators onto the classic Avro bomber

BBMF gears up for coronation

Lancaster and four fighters set for King Charles’s London flypast

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How skilled were D-Day's troop carrier aircrew?

The US troop carrier aircrew of D-Day: poorly trained, cowardly or just low-grade? It’s time to debunk these myths