Douglas DC-3

New owners sought for US classics

A pair of American classics have been listed for sale

Douglas DC-3 lands in X-Plane

Leading Edge Simulations has announced the Douglas DC-3 v2 for X-Plane 12 is out now.

Dakota hangar opening to mark Metheringham anniversary

The Lincolnshire attraction will celebrate a double anniversary with a special public event on Sunday, August 27

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World War Two RAF Dakota pilot stories

Graham Pitchfork, in the November 2011 issue of FlyPast,  profiled two exceptional RAF Dakota pilots who went unarmed into harm’s way

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DC-3 Missionary Flight – From the cockpit

In the November 2015 issue of Aviation News, Geoff Jones recounted a trip aboard a Missionary Flights International DC-3C-TP, operating from Florida to Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  

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US Air Force AC-47s in Vietnam – the first gunships

One of the more unusual tasks for the C-47 was as a gunship. The AC-47 Spooky saw extensive service in the Vietnam War as Philip Chinnery detailed in the June 2015 issue of FlyPast

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Air Atlantique Dakotas – Diverse Operations

In the December 2014 issue of Aviation News, Charles Woodley examined the varied work undertaken by Air Atlantique’s Dakotas

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Life and times of the DC-3 with the most flying hours

Aeroplane published this article from Jay Selman in its December 2015 issue about the highest-time Douglas DC-3

Historic Aviation Quiz: The DC-3

With Key.Aero celebrating Douglas’ indomitable DC-3, we dedicate this week’s quiz to what is perhaps one of the most iconic aeroplanes ever – and one that still ploughs the skies for trade hauling cargo, more than 80 years after it first took to the air. But how much do you know about the type many believe say will never die and could well be one of the first to beat a century in service?

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Air Chathams DC-3 – A chance to fly back in time

In the April 2016 issue of Aviation News, Geoff Jones reported how a Douglas DC-3 made a return to scheduled passenger services in New Zealand.