English Electric Canberra

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The Vickers Viscount that became an air racer

For the crew of the third Vickers Viscount, named Endeavour, the long-distance air race from London to Christchurch 70 years ago took them — and their aircraft — into new territory

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Cold War jets roar at Bruntingthorpe – full report

On Saturday, 16th September, Bruntingthorpe Cold War Jets Collection once again opened its doors to the general public, for a day of close-quarters aviation action

Bruntingthorpe gears up for another Cold War Jets Open Day

Following the success of their April event, the Bruntingthorpe Cold War Jets Museum in Leicestershire is to host another special day in September

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How to keep an English Electric Canberra

In early 2022 it was announced that Canberra PR.9 XH135 was up for disposal. Ex-PR.9 navigator Ken Delve explains his interest… and how he went on to acquire the aircraft

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Canberra – Gun Packs and Nukes

Ken Delve looks back at the Interdictor-Strike Canberras in RAF Germany, where conventional weapons and nuclear bombs were the order of the day

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English Electric Canberra - the last great air race

Racing between London and Christchurch was more than just sport – it was a chance to prove the Canberra’s long reach

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How to display the Canberra — by Roland Beamont

As soon as it took its public bow, the English Electric Canberra stunned onlookers with its turn of agility. Roland Beamont, later a regular Aeroplane Monthly author, was the man who forged the legend… but not without some opposition

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Handley Page HP113 - the biz-jet concept based on the Canberra

Could this executive transport have been Handley Page’s saviour? Perhaps not, but the HP113 was a highly advanced design — even if it borrowed from, of all things, the Canberra

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Vulcan XH558 – final flight speculation quashed

It’s been confirmed that Vulcan XH558 will not be able to make a final flight to a new home

Join the debate: what should happen to Vulcan XH558?

In his latest editorial, Aeroplane editor Ben Dunnell weighs up the future prospects for what was the last flying ‘V-bomber’ — and asks whether the fate of Canberra WK163 isn’t more important