English Electric Lightning

Few British aircraft have inspired such love and devotion as the English Electric Lightning. This famous fighter was designed in the 1950s, at a time of urgent need for faster interceptors. It was a long-lived servant of the RAF during the Cold War and was also operated by the Royal Saudi Air Force and Kuwait Air Force. Only 337 examples were built, but its legacy lives on in the relatively large number of survivors, a few of which are kept in ground running condition.

FlyPast Podcast Episode 15

This week on the FlyPast podcast, assistant editor Tara chats to three of the men who make up the team restoring English Electric Lightnings over at the Lightning Association...

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Lightning Twilight Afterburner Runs

Assistant editor Jamie Ewan visited the Lightning Preservation Group’s hotly anticipated and ear-shattering Twilight Run - and discovers some of the organisation’s challenges

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Installing an English Electric Lightning for display

Max Waldron details the installation of a restored English Electric Lightning at a company facility in Bristol

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Warton's Tornado target Lightnings

In its twilight years the Lightning turned from hunter to hunted, as Ken Ellis explains

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Why flight testing the English Electric Lightning was such a challenge

Getting Britain’s first afterburning Mach 2 interceptor from the drawing board and into RAF service was no mean feat. Hugh Trevor describes the challenges faced by those tasked with flight testing the English Electric Lightning.

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The Firebirds - Flights of the Phoenix

Ground-shaking streamed take-offs and nine-ship formations were highlights of the aerobatic routine devised by 56 Sqn in one memorable year. Hugh Trevor provides a selection of photos of The Firebirds display team.

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Restoring an Lightning F.2A nose section

Hugh Trevor details the restoration of his Lightning F.2A cockpit – from ballistics target to museum piece

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111 Sqn's First Year with the Lightning

The RAF waited a decade from the first flight of the English Electric P1 prototype in 1954 to take delivery of a truly definitive operational Lightning variant. The F3 was well worth it, though — and No 111 Squadron’s pilots loved it. This is the story of the mark’s first year with ‘Treble-One’

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Which RAF squadrons operated the English Electric Lightning?

Aviation News charts the units that operated the amazing English Electric Lightning fighter in RAF service.

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30 Years of the Lightning Preservation Group

Enthusiasts delight in seeing two of the Lightning Preservation Group’s jets thundering down the Bruntingthorpe runway. Hugh Trevor details the work of the organisation that pays tribute to this charismatic fighter.