English Electric Lightning

Few British aircraft have inspired such love and devotion as the English Electric Lightning. This famous fighter was designed in the 1950s, at a time of urgent need for faster interceptors. It was a long-lived servant of the RAF during the Cold War and was also operated by the Royal Saudi Air Force and Kuwait Air Force. Only 337 examples were built, but its legacy lives on in the relatively large number of survivors, a few of which are kept in ground running condition.

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Lightning Squadron Commander - Leading 92 Sqn

Air Cdre John Mitchell (ret’d), flew more than 1,400 hours on Lightnings, including two years as Officer Commanding 92 Squadron at RAF Gütersloh in West Germany. He talks with Dr Kevin Wright about his experiences on this remarkable aircraft.

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Warton - The Lightning's Last Lair

When the air defence Tornado hit trouble, British Aerospace rather ironically called on a famed predecessor to help. BAe’s Warton factory airfield in Lancashire thus became the final home of flying English Electric Lightnings in the UK

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Lightning versus Spitfire: Clash of the Generations

When the possibility of RAF fighters coming up against Indonesian P-51 Mustangs during the 1960s confrontation reared its head, one pilot had an idea: pit Lightning against Spitfire

Firebirds Lightning at ‘Brunty’

THE Lightning Preservation Group’s English Electric Lightning...

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Former Saudi Air Force Lightning fires up at Gatwick

The Gatwick Aviation Museum’s English Electric...

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Lightning on the move in Mississippi

English Electric Lightning T.5 XS422 taxied under its own power...

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How the P.1 became the Lightning

Tony Buttler highlights the P.1s, the experimentals that paved the way for the Lightning

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74 Sqn and the Lightning F.3

Tony Clay describes the Lightning F.3 and its time with the RAF’s famous ‘Tigers’, 74 Squadron

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Weapons and Tactics of the English Electric Lightning

Chris Gibson examines how the weaponry of the English Electric Lightning developed

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The Last Lightning Show at Binbrook

RAF BINBROOK – AUGUST 22, 1987 Brian Hodgson recalls an historic event that was a fitting farewell to the charismatic Lightning, despite rain and low cloud.