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El equipo de Key Publishing ha creado Key. Aero, una herramienta imprescindible para los entusiastas de la aviación. Disfrute de los contenidos de primera clase de nuestras principales publicaciones de aviación, así como de los conocimientos exclusivos que cubren todos los temas, desde informes históricos hasta aviones militares, actualizaciones de aerolíneas comerciales y revisiones de simulación de vuelo.

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Explore las últimas noticias y artículos de nuestros periodistas de aviación de talla mundial. Manténgase al día de las últimas novedades de la aviación militar, las noticias de las aerolíneas comerciales, los proyectos de restauración de aviones históricos, los lanzamientos de simulación de vuelo y mucho más.

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Iranian F-4D upgraded

Middle East F-4D 3-6700, the second life-extended example...

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Mi-8AMTSh-VA for Russian Pacific Fleet

THE NAVAL Aviation arm of the Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet...

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Fighters line up for MRCA

THE LANGKAWI International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA 2017)...

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‘Romeo’ expands capabilities

MH-60R ‘Black Jack’ waits on the flight deck for refuelling...

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European Gunships PART 3

One of the Puma SOCATs from Flotila 71 Aeriană shows off the...

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Boeing MAX Milestones

The prototype Boeing 737 MAX 9 at Boeing’s Renton facility...

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KC-390 Tanker Tests

Embraer’s KC-390 has successfully performed its first in-flight...

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Venezuelan Hinds Upgraded

The first upgraded Mil Mi-35M2 Hind attack helicopters have been...

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Island life may sound idyllic but it can present its challenges,...

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End of the Line for Virgin America

Alaska Airlines says it will retire the Virgin America brand...

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Viking Invasion

New Norwegian carrier FlyViking operated its first scheduled...

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Vulcan XH558 ‘Protected for 2017’

The Vulcan to the Sky Trust (VTST) confirmed in March that its...

El Bf 109 eslovaco está a punto de completarse

El Museo de la Aviación de Košice (Eslovaquia) está a punto de concluirse...

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Couteau Delta to Debut in 2017

The first Mirage 2000D destined for the newly formed Couteau...

Just Flight releases PA-28R Arrow III

The PA-28R Arrow III is a four-seat piston-engine light aircraft incorporating a retractable tricycle landing gear and constant-speed propeller – an ideal aircraft for touring and instrument training.

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Malibu Meridian

Piper’s Dream Machine G1000 HD Series PA46 500TP ...

Edificio de la cabina

Te presento a mi nuevo mejor amigo, el Renkforce RF100. Jessica...

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Tiger Finale

Peter Lewis investigates the shake-up facing Switzerland’s...

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MOD launches Phase 2 of RWUAS

THE UNITED Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MOD) is to begin Phase...

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Belgium launches fighter programme

THE BELGIAN Government has launched an acquisition programme...

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Spanish Eurofighters debut at Red Flag 17-2

Peter R Foster SPANISH AIR Force Eurofighters have participated...

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USAF launches massive Red Air initiative

THE US Air Force plans to release a draft request to industry...

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Bataan ARG deploys

THE BATAAN Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) has begun a scheduled...

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Chile interested in additional C-130

Latin America Facundo Rovira CATASTROPHIC FOREST fires...

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Lebanese A-29 pilot training begins

The first Lebanese Air Force A-29 pilot in training at Moody...

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Próximos Eventos

Duxford Summer Air Show D-Day 80


Cambridge, Reino Unido

The event webpage says: "We will pay tribute to this momentous anniversary by welcoming nine historic Dakotas – the aircraft synonymous with the D-Day landings – to the skies of Duxford for a series of dramatic flypasts over the weekend and a mass historic parachute jump over the historic airfield on Saturday 1 June."

Guernsey Battle of Britain Air Display


Guernsey, Reino Unido

The event website states:"Guernsey’s annual air display has been enjoyed by thousands of people for over 60 years, hosting some of Britain’s most historic and treasured military aircraft alongside aerobatic and awe inspiring display teams."

Wales Airshow


Swansea, Reino Unido

The airshow website says: "Over two days, some of the best pilots and flying display in the world use the natural amphitheatre of Swansea Bay to show their stuff, pulling off incredible aerial acrobatics. From jets to helicopters, it’s two days of the year not to be missed. And even better – it’s free!"

Sywell 2024


Northampton, Reino Unido

The event website states: "Sywell 2024 will be a quite remarkable airshow combined with ground attractions including classic cars and much more. Showcasing multiple classic aircraft from across Europe alongside modern jets, the flying line-up will include formation and unique display acts, some of which will be UK firsts. Added to that will be a host of special photographic opportunities for the enthusiasts, stalls, children's fun fair and many more things to do."

Shuttleworth Military Air Show


Biggleswade, Reino Unido

The event webpage says it will be: "showcasing outstanding and iconic military aircraft which have shaped the course of aviation history."

Southport Air Show


Southport, Reino Unido

The event webpage says: "The annual Air Show takes place on Southport beach and is a weekend packed with entertainment! If you looking for a fun and exhilarating day out with the kids, as well as the flying programme, there is plenty of things to do on the ground. From flight simulators, static aircraft to explore, climbing walls, assault courses and plenty more!"