Concurso de aviación histórica - Primicias de la aviación

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Who is the first pilot credited with flying a loop in a heavier than air machine on September 9, 1913, and in what aeroplane was the feat achieved?

Louis Blériot, in a Type XI monoplane
Pyotr Nesterov, in a Nieuport IV
Arthur Seymour, in a Voisin II
Glenn Curtiss, in an Aerodrome #3

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In what type of aeroplane did famed Peruvian aviator Jorge Chávez complete the first flight across the Pennine Alps on September 23, 1910?

Wright Flyer III
Roe II Triplane
Blériot X
de Havilland Biplane No. 2

Question 3 of 10

How long did it take French aviator Pierre Prier to complete the first non-stop flight from London to Paris on April 12, 1911?

3 hours, 56 minutes.
5 hours, 12 minutes
2 hours, 43 minutes
1 hours, 47 minutes

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Who was the winner of the Orteig Prize in May 1927 for completing the first solo non-stop New York to Paris transatlantic flight?

Charles Lindbergh
Wiley Hardeman Post
Amy Johnson
Col Elliott Roosevelt

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Quiz August 11 - 2

What was the nickname given to the rocket powered Bell X-1 that Capt Charles ‘Chuck’ Yeager streaked through Mach 1 in on October 14, 1947?

‘The Orange Beast’
‘Mach Buster’
‘Glamourous Glennis’
‘Old Crow’

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Who was the first pilot credited with flying an outside loop on May 25, 1927, and in what aeroplane did they complete the manoeuvre?

Jimmy Doolittle, in a Curtiss P-1B Hawk
Howard Hughes, in a Boeing Model 100
Bob Hoover, in a Douglas C1
Geoffrey de Havilland, in a de Havilland Moth

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Quiz August 11 - 3

What feat was Fg Off T.D. Dixie Dean of the Royal Air Force’s 616 Squadron credited with, while flying Gloster Meteor F.1 EE216/YQ-E on August 4, 1944?

First jet-on-jet aerial victory
World speed record
First jet to land in Scotland
First jet to overfly Buckingham Palace

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What was the name assigned to the United States Army Air Force Boeing B-29A Superfortress that dropped the Atomic Bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945?

‘Enola Gay’
‘Over Exposed’
‘Little Boy’
‘The Bomber’

Question 9 of 10

Which aeroplane is credited with undertaking the first flight with an afterburner on April 11, 1941?

Arado 243
Bell P-59 Airacomet
Caproni Campini C.C.2
de Havilland Vampire

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Quiz August 11 - 4

What was the name of the pilot credited with the first landing of an aeroplane a moving ship on August 2, 1917?

Edwin Dunning
George Cayley
Sir Thomas Sopwith
Samuel Cody

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