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Question 1

What is the nickname of the Grumman F8F?

Honey Badger

Question 2 of 10

Question 2

Which company developed the B-26 Marauder?

Glenn L Martin Company
Vickers Supermarine
Lockheed Corporation

Question 3 of 10

Question 3

Which US forces aeroplane shot down and destroyed the first three North Korean aeroplanes of the Korean War on June 27 1950?

F-80 Shooting Star
F-82 Twin Mustang
F-86 Sabre
P-51 Mustang

Question 4 of 10

Question 4

How many engines did the Junkers Ju 52 have?


Question 5 of 10

Question 5

Which of the following aeroplanes were not supplied to the Red Army by Allied Forces?

Hawker Hurricane
P-51 Mustang
B-25 Mitchell
B-17 Flying Fortress

Question 6 of 10

Question 6

What was the top speed of the P-51 Mustang?

420 mph
440 mph
460 mph
480 mph

Question 7 of 10

Question 7

Which of the following countries did not use the Ilyushin Il-2?

Georgian Air Force
People's Republic of Bulgaria
Mongolian People's Republic
SFR Yugoslavian Air Force

Question 8 of 10

Question 8

What was special about the Ryan FR Fireball?

It had both a piston AND a jet engine
It was the heaviest aeroplane to fly during World War II
It had the shortest wings of any fighter aeroplane
It was the only three-seater fighter aeroplane

Question 9 of 10

Question 9

Which fighter-bomber was capable of carrying a bigger bombload than the B-17 Flying Fortress?

McDonnell F-101
Republic F-105
Lockheed F-104
McDonnell Douglas F-4

Question 10 of 10

Question 10

What was the name of the Royal Air Force’s high-altitude strategic bomber, operational from 1956 to 1984?

Handley Page Victor
Vickers Valiant
Avro Vulcan
Boeing B-47

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