Cuestionario sobre la aviación histórica

Question 1 of 10

Question 1

What was the name of the first man to fly solo around the world?

Charles Lindbergh
Charles Kingsford Smith
Wiley Hardeman Post
Valery Pavlovich Chkalov

Question 2 of 10

Question 2

Which of the following was NOT a United States Air Force World War II training aeroplane?

North American BT-9
Boeing-Stearman Model 75
Fairchild PT-19
de Havilland Tiger Moth

Question 3 of 10

Question 3

What invention allowed the bullets of a mounted machine gun to be synchronized with the propeller of an aeroplane, allowing bullets to travel through gaps in the rotating propellor?

Integrated alternator
There is no such invention

Question 4 of 10

Question 4

Edward Vernon Rickenbacker was an American fighter ace in World War I and a Medal of Honor recipient. He was the commander of which Air Squadron?


Question 5 of 10

Question 5

What was the 'Lufbery Circle'?

An area on a pilot's map that they cannot fire ammunition in
The name of a symbol painted on German fighter aircraft
A group of fighter aces
A defensive air formation

Question 6 of 10

Question 6

How did pilots communicate messages about enemy troop movements during World War I?

Morse code over radio
Message streamers
Shouting during a low fly past

Question 7 of 10

Question 7

When was the first aerial engagement between fighter planes recorded?

July 1914
December 1914
July 1915
July 1917

Question 8 of 10

Question 8

Which of these squadrons did NOT fly Spitfires during the Battle of Britain?

No.19 Squadron
No. 25 Squadron
No. 222 Squadron
No. 74 Squadron

Question 9 of 10

Question 9

What is the name of the World War II veteran interviewed by Key.Aero as part of the 80th Battle of Britain anniversary celebrations?

Flight Lieutenant George Dunn
Captain Sir Thomas Moore
Flying Officer John Hemingway
All three

Question 10 of 10

Question 10

The Dambusters of 617 Squadron are possibly the most famous RAF Squadron ever. From which base did they launch that famous raid?

RAF Biggin Hill
RAF Scampton
RAF Waddington
RAF Marham

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