Cuestionario sobre la aviación histórica

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1. In 1970, roughly how often did an aircraft take off or land at Chicago International Airport?

37 seconds
56 seconds
1 minute 37 seconds
1 minute 56 seconds

Question 2 of 10

2. What is the total fuel load (in gallons) of a Supermarine Spitfire?


Question 3 of 10

3. In what year did the first American-built jet airliner (a 707) land in Britain?


Question 4 of 10

4. What was the nickname of Chuck Yeager's aircraft in which he first broke the speed of sound?

Lovely Lacey
Glorious Glennis
Valiant Victoria
Sensational Susan

Question 5 of 10

5. What was the original name of New York's John F. Kennedy airport before it was changed in 1963?

Yonkes Airport
New York County Airport
Rockefeller Airport
Idlewild Airport

Question 6 of 10

6. What percentage more fuel efficient per seat kilometre are jets today than they were in the 1960s?


Question 7 of 10

7. In what year was the rule enforced that pilots would need to eat different food during a flight in order to lower the chances of food poisoning?


Question 8 of 10

8. What commercial airline became the first to employ a woman as a pilot in 1973?

Frontier Airlines
Lufthansa Airlines
Qantas Airlines
Southwest Airlines

Question 9 of 10

9. How long was the first rocket-powered flight?

20 seconds
1 minute 15 seconds
5 minutes 25 seconds
12 minutes 8 seconds

Question 10 of 10

10. What was the reason for Robert T. Jones' design of the swept wing?

To overcome shockwave effects
Because the design looked cool
To reduce drag and increase lift
All of the above

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