El titular más joven de la PPL británica le muestra un Piper L4 Cub

When Ellie Carter became Britain's youngest PPL holder on her seventeenth birthday, she could never have known just how successful she would be. Now, she holds multiple accolades and has gained fame for the work she does in promoting the importance of young people in STEM subjects.

Another thing Ellie Carter could never have imagined when she started out in her journey (at 8 years old!) would be that her main day-to-day aircraft would be one that was actually flown on D-Day. The Piper L-4 Cub, also known as a Grasshopper, was used for renaissance missions in the Normandy landings. Ellie borrows the aircraft from its owner, Richard Horner. 

In the video below, Ellie gives a tour around the Piper L-4 Cub. A relatively simple aircraft, the Cub can reach top speeds of up to 80mph and has room for two crew members inside. Watch below for the full tour!