Aviation Pilgrimage 2023

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Pardubice Airport
Pražská 179
530 06 Pardubice

Aviation Pilgrimage 2023

The airshow website says: ""This year, too, we have prepared a full-day program for visitors on Saturday and Sunday. It will include a traditional, approximately five-hour, continuous block of flight demonstrations. It will of course feature numerous historic aircraft, including those with red bulls on the fuselage...several demonstrations in the programme will present different concepts of acrobatics. There will be flights on historical biplanes, on the legend of the Czechoslovak construction school, modern aerobatic specials, a helicopter and a certain form of acrobatics will be presented by a solo demonstration of the military Gripen. In this block, we also managed to arrange a demonstration with the renowned Lithuanian acrobat and show pilot Jurgis Kairys, whose performance accompanied by a huge smoke trail is always a decoration of important airshows. However, such names as Martin Šonka, Petr Kopfstein or the legendary Petr Jirmus and others will not be missing in the sky. The audience will really have something to watch. But that won't be all...."