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Why Victorville is more than just an aircraft boneyard

Chris Sloan travels to California to learn why this quirky desert facility is far more than an aviation retirement home

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FlyPast March 2022

The full issue in page-turning PDF format

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Belgium welcomes the A400M as C-130 bows out of service

The arrival of the A400M marks a transition to a new tactical and strategic military transport capability for the Belgian Armed Forces. We visited Melsbroek for an update on the activities of the 15th Air Transport Wing

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Forecasting Thunder: An overview of the JF-17 Block III

While the JF-17 has come of age in the combat theatre, it has yet to record any major successes in the export market. We explore the development of the light fighter and how the new Block III standard could help expand the aircraft’s customer base in the coming years

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“She landed her aircraft blind!” – the short story of Bernetta Miller

In New York City in 1912, a young woman turned her head to the sky and decided it was where she wanted to be. Little did she know that this decision would cause her to become a pioneering female on the aviation industry

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A Polished Attempt to Cross the Atlantic

The first Polish attempt to fly the Atlantic took place in 1928, financed by a committee of Polish-Americans. It was to employ an Italian-built Caproni Ca 87 flying boat, converted from a Ca 73ter bomber. Flown by a Polish crew, it would make its way from Milan to Warsaw, and then to Ireland from where it would stage to Newfoundland and onward to the USA...

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Polish Wings Across the Pond

The first crossing of the Atlantic by a Polish pilot was the source of great national pride, not least because he achieved the feat at the controls of a Polish-built aircraft — and for Stanisław Skarżyński to have completed his journey in a machine as small as the RWD-5bis remains exceptional to this day

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How do airport IATA codes work?

We all know what’s in a name, but codes attached to hubs and gateways worldwide can have more peculiar origins. Tom Batchelor demonstrates the method in IATA’s madness in the first of a fascinating new series

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Airbus Helicopters' Flightlab: No ordinary lab

Where better to carry out aircraft experiments than in the sky? Tom Batchelor looks at the R&D made possible by Airbus Helicopters’ Flightlab

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French Army Aviation: Transitioning to a network-centric force

France's army aviation force – the Aviation Légère de l’Armée de Terre (ALAT) - is in the middle of a transition into a network-centric battle force capable of conducting digitally-aided, high-intensity combat operations in a wide variety of environments. We investigate...