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Leonardo’s AW101 training

LEONARDO IS currently training the latest Royal Norwegian Air...

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G700 preview for Qatar Executive

A Gulfstream G700 at Doha International Airport at the end of...

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Porter Airlines opts for world’s lightest seats

A combination of composite materials and titanium has made the...

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NASA develops radiation risk detection capability

THE SENSITIVITY of an individual astronaut’s DNA to radiation...

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After the burn

Russia continues to play a lead role in the development of afterburning...

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IN-DEPTH: A look at Russia's enhanced Sukhoi Su-30SM2

The Su-30SM is now well established in Russian service while also enjoying mild export demand. An enhanced derivative, dubbed Su-30SM2 and currently in development, is primarily aimed at meeting the Russian Naval Aviation requirements, as we report

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Eye in the sky

Without doubt, one of the most formidable airborne early warning and over-the-horizon targeting rotary-wing platforms in the world today, the Kamov Ka-31 offers long-range detection against air and sea targets together with a sophisticated jam-resistant and secure datalink system

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How is aviation seeking to clean up?

Aviation will come under scrutiny during the upcoming COP26 climate summit, but will the meeting carry any weight? How is aviation seeking to clean up? Mark Broadbent reports

The seagull-inspired drone

Tom Batchelor looks at a top-secret drone inspired by Cornwall’s seagulls

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After BA retirements there are now just TWO British Boeing 747s

The pair of jumbos are the last remaining examples on the UK register after the flag carrier retired its fleet last year