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Bolingbroke gets its wings in Bristol

Aerospace Bristol is making clear progress with its refurbishment of Bristol Bolingbroke IV 9048.

Swedish Air Force Museum re-opens

The largest display hall at Sweden’s Flygvapenmuseum, based near Linköping, reopened to the public on June 16 following three years of refurbishment

Presidential Lodestar progresses in California

A group of committed volunteers at Chino’s Planes of Fame Air Museum are continuing to make good progress on the restoration of Lockheed L-18 Lodestar 18-2622

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Spitfire versatility: three pilots’ diverse combat experiences

Through the experiences of a trio of pilots, Air Cdre Graham Pitchfork highlighted the versatility of an amazing fighter in the February 2013 issue of FlyPast

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Do you know the story of ‘Frances Dell’?

Highly polished Mustang ‘Frances Dell’ was the star attraction at a German airfield this summer. Darren Harbar caught up with its new owner and uncovered an incredible story…

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Was the TSR.2 a political disaster?

In March 2000, former TSR.2 chief test pilot Roland ‘Bee’ Beamont aired his eye-opening views on the project – and pulled no punches! FlyPast shares some of his opinions and recollections

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Fit for a Princess - Britain's largest flying boat

An iconic building on the Isle of Wight serves as a reminder of Britain’s largest flying boat. Ken Ellis outlines its brief career

Conservation work begins on Newark Shackleton

Newark Air Museum’s magnificent Avro Shackleton is set to receive restorative work this summer

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Saluting TSR.2 - The Dream That Died

Mired in controversy to this day, the only thing certain about BAC’s fabled TSR.2 is that it never fulfilled its potential. Tony Buttler looks back at the ambitious project’s troubled past

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When the ‘Messerschmitts’ came to Manston

Imagine having a whole ‘squadron’ of Buchóns to yourself! Mick Dodsworth recalls a very special day at work related to the film Battle of Britain in 1968

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