Fokker F28

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Just Flight’sF28 Professional review

After more than three years in development, the Just Flight in-house team has released the F28 Professional. We take it for a spin and see how it measures up.

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Flying onboard the world's oldest Fokker F28 Fellowship

In 2022, Bernd Sturm spent a day of the scorching Argentinian summer on the world’s oldest airworthy Fokker F28 Fellowship

F28 Professional for Microsoft Flight Simulator released

Developed by the Just Flight in-house team, the F28 regional jet is based on a real-world aircraft, ex-PH-CHN, located at the Aircraft Maintenance & Training School, Woensdrecht in the Netherlands.

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War veteran F-28 moved to a museum

On April 2, Argentina’s Museo Nacional de Malvinas (Malvinas National Museum) unveiled its latest exhibit, former Argentine Naval Air Branch Fokker F-28 5-T-20 (s/n 11145)

Fokker F28 development update

Just Flight has released a new development update for the Fokker F28 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, showcasing the internal and external lighting model.

Fokker F28 for Microsoft Flight Simulator In Development

Just Flight has announced the Fokker F28 Fellowship for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now in development.

Fokker F28 Preview

Just Flight has released new preview images of the upcoming Fokker F28 Fellowship.

F28 Fellowship PBR Preview

Just Flight has released new screenshots of its upcoming Fokker F28 Fellowship showcasing early PBR effects.