Ford Tri-Motor

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Famous Flyer 6: Ford 4-AT Trimotor review

The sixth Famous Flyer aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Ford 4-AT Trimotor, was developed by Aeroplane Heaven. We take it for a spin.

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The exhilarating experience of flying on a Ford Tri-Motor

She may fly at a rather modest speed but she accelerates every enthusiast’s heartbeat. Andreas Rohde takes us onboard the iconic Ford Tri-Motor

Famous Flyer 6: Ford 4-AT Trimotor released

Microsoft has announced the sixth Famous Flyer aircraft, the Ford 4-AT Trimotor, is now available.

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SCANDAL: The incredible story of the US Air Mail fiasco

The safety record of the US Army Air Corps’ temporary operation of mail services turned into a national scandal. But so was the situation that led to the military stepping in

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Living history: Tin Goose

A pair of 1920s Ford Tri-Motors toured the US last year...