'Miracle on the Hudson' plane makes its final journey

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It captivated the world two years ago when it safely landed on the Hudson River, and now the so-called Miracle on the Hudson plane is on the move again. This time, however, the river crossing it made was a lot slower and a lot drier. The US Airways plane was rolled out of a warehouse in Harrison, New Jersey, on Saturday and transported on the back of a huge truck across the Passaic River. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1394456/Miracle-Hudson-plane-makes-final-journey-museum.html
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The first Airbus to be preserved in NA (of course not counting Concordes) and the first A319/320 family preserved?
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Shouldn't this be in Civil Aviation...Not being a mod wanna be but can it please be moved as it bugs me (I like precision) Nick PS Good to see it being preserved