MIA spotting?

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone on here has been to Miami and what the spotting/photographic opportunities are like?


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I'm going next Thursday and have done a fair bit of research. I last went in 1995 and photo opportunities were great. Apparently this is still the case and the authorities have even created holes in the fence to make shooting easier ! You can take decent photos on arrivals on runways 09 and also 08R. Ditto for departures on those runways and also you can take landing shots on runway 12 which is adjacent to 08R. If you want to take shots of cargo aircraft most of that arrives and departs on 09. Have a look at Plane Mad website - they have a comprehensive guide and map.

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Airliners magazine published out of Miami...also a airline themed model/gift shop...IIRC, The Aeroplane Shop.

Contact them, I'm sure they'll have ideas.

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I've been to Miami several times and stayed at the hotels next to the airport. I believe that there would be good spotting (look on Google Earth), but you would probably have to take a taxi, or be prepared to walk a long distance, buses are very infrequent.