How big SSBJ is needed?

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Dassault made an estimate late last year:

Supersonic Business Jet
Dassault continues to explore a supersonic business jet. Company market analysis shows that, based on current technology, a supersonic business jet (SSBJ) that is capable of Mach 1.6 would need to have a range of at least 4,500 nm and a cabin at least as big as that of the Falcon 7X to be viable in the marketplace.
Current technology suggests such an aircraft would have a mtow of well over 100,000 pounds and a carbon footprint around four to five times that of a subsonic aircraft comparable in weight and size

Falcon 7x?
Falcon 7X cabin, IIRC is:
somewhat narrower than Bombardier Challenger/CRJ, and Concorde
somewhat wider than Gulfstream II...V, and wider than ERJ/Legacy.

The 7X cabin is far shorter than Concorde, and shorter than Gulfstream V or Bombardier Global.

How exactly does Falcon 7X cabin length compare against Embraer Legacy?

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