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In the future envisioned by SESAR, airports will be fully integrated into the ATM network. For this to be achieved, all the stakeholders involved need to work together. Already Aircraft Manufacturers, Airports and ANSPs have a number of initiatives which are foreseen, in development or in trial what will support an integrated approach to making the most out of the limited airport surface area. The initiatives will aim to provide a number of things such as increasing the predictability with the possibility of achieving greater capacity utilisation along with improving safety in all weather conditions. They will also aim to provide operators with an improved time horizon of operation to allow better planning whilst reducing maintenance costs. A critical component to any successful implementation of these technological innovations will be inter-operability with other systems in development at competing ANSP's and the financial capability and business case that will induce the air carrier, airport and ANSP to equip. This one day Conference will aim to present a view on what is being considered on optimising airport capacity and to discuss the benefits and challenges in a multi-stakeholder forum. It will also identify new and future technology requiring a multi-stakeholder engagement to achieve maximum benefits and aligns with concepts being considered in SESAR which have an expected implementation through the Single European Sky Implementation Plan. The conference programme will be released in January 2012.
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