Say hello to "Hop!" by Air France...

As part of its re-structuring program, Air France-KLM group has decided to merge all of Air France's regional subsidaries into a single new identity...enter "Hop!".

Not quite sure what to make of the name really, sounds a bit too cheesy if you ask me, however I do think they've produced quite a nice livery for it (see below!), that is in-keeping with the Air France style.

There is some uncertainty about the future of CityJet though, which is wholly owned by Air France, as the merger only involves Airlinair, Brit Air and Régional. Apparently AF are attempting to sell the CityJet subsidary rather than incorporating it into the "Hop!" brand.
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Do you think BA CityFlyer would be interested in CityJet?
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I sincerely hope they don't acquire CityJet!

It will be just the like bmi takeover at LHR...they'll rape the carrier for all its worth (predominately the slots!) and then they'll become a monopoly operator on key routes and will be able to get away with raising fares as and when they see fit.

That said though, if they did acquire it I would like to think that they might look to obtain a few more A318's in the business-class only configuration, and operate them on other routes...there was talk of other US cities such as BOS, IAD and possibly ORD being served, however I would rather see other routes operated...could/would DXB possibly work to/from LCY perhaps?!
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The letter "H" is largely silent in French. So technically I suppose the airline is " OP "


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It will be just the like bmi takeover at LHR...they'll rape the carrier for all its worth !

A little strong surely. As I understand it they paid good money for an airline that was on the verge of bankruptcy, merged most of the fleet, any worthwhile routes and as many staff as was possible. None of us like to see an airline disappear but if anyone 'raped' bmi it was surely Lufthansa.

Back on subject: Don't think the Hop name will work in France and think the livery is non-descript.