Alitalia plane loses its 'identity' after crash!

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Didn't take them long to remove the titles after this mishap. Plane is YR-ATS on lease from Carpatair.
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I've seen similar instances before. Pretty silly attempt at limiting any PR damage.
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Everyone knows it was an Alitalia plane, what do they gain from this blatant attempt at a literal cover-up?
Majority of passengers won't, we all get carried away with it, but most people will have no idea, and will probably say they saw a crashed jet!
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I've seen similar instances before.
Can you give us any more examples J Boyle, as this is the first I've ever seen of it...? Did do the same when Flight 7100 crashed at Cork? Personally, I think it's terrible. Ok, so thankfully nobody has died as yet, but people were seriously injured and for an airline to try and cover up its identity after an incident like this (regardless of whether they had chartered/leased the aircraft from another operator!) I find it to be a very poor judgement, and it clearly shows how much Alitalia really values its customers... To the ordinary customer (i.e. not any of us!:D), it was just a normal Alitalia flight (assuming with an AZ flight no.?), and so they wouldn't of know that the aircraft was from another operator...and for the airline to try and take away their identity from the scene is simply awful.:mad:
From The Telegraph article: Alitalia defended the decision to white out its markings, saying it was standard corporate practice and a way of avoiding bad publicity.
Avoiding bad publicity...well, if anything I would say that this has heaped a whole load more bad publicity on them. Surely the best thing to of done would be to have an internal investigation to establish the cause of the crash, as well as to see what the results of the authorities investigations result, and then offer to compensate all of the customers that were on the flight. Then the airline could look to persue Carpatair for any damages, if it was deemed that they were at fault in anyway? Accidents happen...its a fact of life, as hard as it is to accept, but to simply try and get away with it to save face and your reputation is just plain and simply wrong imho.

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Can you give us any more examples J Boyle, as this is the first I've ever seen of it...?
Scandinavian Airlines Flight 751. Mayday Air Crash Investigation Season 10, Episode 03 "Pilot Betrayed".