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Next week sees the launch of several "new" routes in the UK...the obvious exception to the "new" part is of course London-Oxford to Edinburgh, which we all know was previously attempted by Varsity Express.

First up, Brighton City Airways, a virtual airline based at Brighton (Shoreham) Airport are due to launch flights to Paris-Pontoise (6th March). They are offering twice-daily flights on weekdays, and one flight per day at weekends.

Brighton-Shoreham to Paris-Pontoise:

Dep 08:30 - Mon-Fri & Sat
Arr 10:30

Dep 17:00 - Mon-Fri & Sun
Arr 19:00

Paris-Pontoise to Brighton-Shoreham

Dep 11:00 - Mon-Fri & Sat
Arr 11:00

Dep 19:30 - Mon-Fri & Sun
Arr 19:30

Flights are going to be operated using a 19-seat Let-410 by Van Air Europe A.S., which is the same operator who flies aircraft on behalf of Manx2/Citywing.

And next is Minoan Air, a Greek-registered ACMI operator, who have established a base at London Oxford Airport and are due to launch flights to Edinburgh (4th March) and Dublin (6th March), each with twice-daily flights on respective days as per below and then from 10th May they will be operating twice-daily flights every day on weekdays, and one flight to each destination on Sunday evenings.

London-Oxford to Edinburgh:

Dep 07:30 - Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
Arr 09:00

Dep 17:30
Arr 19:00

Edinburgh to Oxford:

Dep 09:40 - Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
Arr 11:10

Dep 19:45
Arr 21:15

Oxford to Dublin:

Dep 06:30 - Wednesday & Friday
Arr 08:00

Dep 16:30 - Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
Arr 18:00

Dublin to Oxford:

Dep 08:45 - Wednesday, Friday
Arr 10:15

Dep 18:45 - Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
Arr 20:15

Flights are going to be operated using Fokker 50 aircraft.

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Anyone giving odds on how long any of these will last?

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Iraqi Airways will begin flights from the 5th of March to London Gatwick from Baghdad and Sulaymania.

Flight Schedule
Day Time Dep Time Arrv Flight no.
Tue/Fri 22:00 LGW 06:30 BGW IA 238
Tue/Thur 13:00 BGW 20:00 LGW IA 237
Thur 22:00 LGW 06:30 ISU IA 240
Fri 13:00 ISU 20:00 LGW IA 239

presumably they will use either the B777 or the A330 for these flights.

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Norwegion will start Liverpool - Copenhagen soon too

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Shouldn't this thread be in Flight Simulation??:rolleyes:

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Dont get the Minoan air ones... looked into EDI-OXF recently..cheapest return £402!! aimed at biz pax but i just cant see the demand even for biz between oxford and embra...if they are marketing it as London oxford then cant see anyone choosing 400 quid to oxford and an hour on a bus above direct to LCY for a third the price.. good luck to them but i fear the worst

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Indeed Tartan, the Minoan ones puzzle me somewhat...just because it says "London" in the airport name, doesn't mean there is a market for flights.

As for Brighton City Airways, I've actually met one of the people behind the venture, and I have to say that he is an all round great guy, very intelligent and runs a flying school at Shoreham airport so he has a wealth of aviation experience, and I wish him the best of luck with his venture.

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£402 for a full flex fare. I just checked their website, and a return fare for EDI-OXF can be had for £102.15.