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As aviation modernizes, I have noticed a trend that airlines are taking. As many airlines change their design/livery, their new titles are much bigger than their old ones. Swiss Air Lines is one example. Their new colours are bold, covering much more of the fuselage than their old ones. United also made their titles larger when they merged with Continental. Recently American Airlines did the same with their new colours. This trend also seems popular with the LCC's, as easyJet, Ryanair, Air France Hop (the new regional airline) and Thai Smile have all made their titles stronger and overall larger. Some others include Virgin, Northwest and Aerolinas Argentinas, as well as Air Finland and Finnair. Often the increase in size is also apparent in the tail logo. Why might this be, and what other airlines might follow suit? -DMac10121
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In a word, Advertising.

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I'm all for a measure of discretion, personally. Some of the bright LCC colour schemes look awful.

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Not forgetting the other craze of putting the titles on the belly of the aircraft also. Makes IDing hight level traffic a synch:)
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Let's not forget the masses of white they use too! :rolleyes: