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Posts: 2,128 FREE 2013 UK & Ireland Airlines Guide* This concise reference source details the airliners and aircraft of the UK & Ireland in 2013* THAI Smile Ronald Kuhlmann finds out how a growing low-cost carrier is expanding its routes in Southeast Asia. Rome/Fiumicino Airport Rome's Leonardo da Vinci/Fiumicino International Airport is embarking on a 30-year expansion plan the will see the facility double in size. LADE - Argentina's Military Airline Alvaro Romero finds out how the South American country provides air services to some of it's less populated areas. Putting airliners into 'Flight' Nicholas A Veronico describes how a Las Vegas-based company supplied the airframes for the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Floatplanes in Paradise Editor Tony Dixon visits the Maldives and flies with Trans Maldivian Airways carrying tourists to their resorts from the main hub airport. How to Start an Airline Former Chief Pilot Bob Williams provides a fascinating personal insight into his experience of launching a new airline in the UK. and much more! Airliner World April issue is AVAILABLE NOW from WHSmith and other leading newsagents for just £4.50. Alternatively, order your copy from our online shop or download a digital version here. *Free airlines guide only available when order your copy from our online shop or from UK & Ireland newsagents.
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