Vote for Concorde for the Past Great British Innovations award

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Hi everyone I hope you agree with me that Concorde was the best, No actually is still the best as nowt can beat what she did for civil aviation....

She was and still is the first supersonic passenger airliner to enter regular airline service and retired 10 years ago. She now needs your vote to win the top Past Great British Innovations award.

Aviation technology leapt forward years with the intorduction Concorde. In regular service she was able to cross the Atlantic in 3 hours 50 minutes, (London to New York, Which now takes 8 hours) and while the aircraft have since stopped flying, the project is still recognised as a triumph of Anglo-French industry and cooperation.

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Whilst I admire the aircraft and it's achievements greatly, I just don't feel it can compete with the others in the list and so unfortunately will not be getting my vote.

Yes it may have cut journey times, but so did the jet engine (another invention in the list) and the jet engine is still having huge impacts on the way we travel some 70 years on.

If it were a vote for the greatest passenger aircraft ever built, Concorde would have my full backing. But it's up against heavyweights such as penicillin, the World Wide Web, CT and MRI scanners and the atomic clock to name a few. Without wanting to sound pessimistic, she doesn't stand a chance :(

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The Anglo-French nature of the project rules it out, surely

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Indeed..not a true "British" design

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And another matter....but how much of the Concorde was actually UK?
Aside from the obvious French input, but how much of the materials and structural research (not design) were British?

I've got to think some of the technology for the aircraft came from
North America. After all, the Convair B-58 and North American XB-70 (both large supersonic aircraft) both redate Concorde by a decade and both had new structures and materials.
To say nothing of high speed research done by NACA/NASA and other government agencies (by the way did the USSR equivelent ever make findings available?)

Again, before this turns into a nationalist flame war, I'm talking technologies that made the Concorde possible.
It was a huge achievement, but compared with other inventions and innovations, I'm just not sure how much of the concorde's technologies were British.
As with most things in aviation, the end product is a result of accumulted knowledge from hundreds of sources.

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Indeed..not a true "British" design

It was also first rolled out at Toulouse, and the first prototype in the air was 001, which was the French built one, again at Toulouse.

A magnificent achievement by both countries, nevertheless.