Unruly passenger prompts Air Transat emergency landing in Nunavut

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IMO This makes minor news compared to Air Transat's last "showstopper" headlines

IMO This makes minor news compared to Air Transat's last "showstopper" headlines.

I am sure you all remember "Longest [unplanned] glide of a fully laden (with passengers and baggage) airliner" - Not funny though and it sure was a combination of good fortunes and eventually pilot flying skills
[after the initial failure in common sense to ignore the airbus manual which did not state that the transfer valve must be switched off after a short transfer following first fuel starvation/leak was recognised. Had they shut the valve they could have safely stayed up on one engine and made their eventual destination].
And more importantly failure to do some very quick 'real' manual calculations re fuel consumption, before opening the transfer valve. Good fortune (some may say technical/spiritual miracle) and a long runway at Azores that everyone walked away.

There was nothing wrong with the RR replacement engine used just a supposed Air Transat engineer put under pressure by his seniors that was required to use a non compatible fuel feed line compatible with another model of RR engine, and nogt wait for the correct fuel line from RR being shipped/delivered.

You can see some of the burst tires in the pic in first URL below, which obviously took the full force of the mainly uncontrolled/powerless "glide in" landing of a A330.