Emirates to open indoor aviation themed attraction in London!

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Certainly looks interesting...:cool:

[u]Emirates to open indoor aviation themed attraction[/u]

Emirates is opening an indoor aviation themed attraction in London next month.

The Emirates Aviation Experience will provide an insight into the operations and modern achievements of commercial air travel.

It will be located in Greenwich on the south side of the Emirates Air Line and will cover an area of almost 300 square metres.

Emirates Aviation Experience

Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airline, said: "This high-tech facility will bring to London a one of a kind insight into the dynamic world of aviation.

"The purpose of this centre is to provide a fun, yet educational, overview of just what it takes to successfully get a 560 tonne aircraft off the ground and 40,000 feet into the sky.

"Our aim is to explain the intricate science of modern aviation, in a hands-on, entertaining and instructive environment."

Utilising state-of-the-art technology, interactive displays and life-size aircraft models, the immersive experience will include "several zones that will take visitors on an interactive aviation journey".

The attraction will also feature the world's first public facing commercial flight simulators including two Airbus 380s and two Boeing 777s, with full landscape visuals and allowing participants to practice their take-off and landing skills.


For anyone who wants more general info about The Emirates Air Line: http://www.emiratesairline.co.uk/

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Could be interesting. Thanks for posting.

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It does look interesting.

I'm going to ask the Experience two things:

1. How can one get comfortable in a B777 economy cabin with ten-abreast seating?
2. How does one get decent and attentive service in the said economy cabin?

Perhaps the airline should channel some of its vast resources into these areas.

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Offically opened today by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, and Tim Clark, CEO of Emirates, however it opens to the public tomorrow.

Cost is just £3 for adults and £1.50 for children; this does not give access to the simulators...prices start at £45 for a 30-minute flight experience.

Here is the link to the website: http://www.aviation-experience.com/