A350 first flight 14th June

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Due to happen tomorrow (14th). http://www.key.aero/view_article.asp?ID=6292&thisSection=commercial
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Congratulation Airbus. No longer just a project but a real aeroplane.
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Looked great, hope the flight test program goes well! :applause: -Dazza
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It's fantastic to see the safe completion of the A350's maiden flight. For the sake of the industry, success by both Airbus and Boeing would be the best outcome. It would not only guard against a monopoly, but it would leave two long term players continuing to push the other to new boundaries with the likes of Embraer knocking on the door. Governments will always push the development of military aerospace and much of this technology will flow on to the civil ranks, but for conceptual change in the airline industry, the marketplace must speak. And their voice is best heard by more than one company. (The A350 First flight's 'higher stakes' http://tinyurl.com/kd9x3xj ) Cheers
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Timing was strategic on the eve of the start of the Paris Air Show. Good luck Airbus Industrie and yes the healthy competition has more advantages than disadvantages.