easyJet Chooses A320 NEO

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Not exactly a surprise... http://www.airportsinternational.com/2013/06/easyjet-selects-airbus-a320neo-for-fleet-development/14055
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Wasn't a forgone conclusion either. Bombardier were pitching the CS300 hard against the A320. They probably really need a CS500 variant to properly take on the single-aisle market. Say, up to 180 seats. That would mean: - The Embraer Ejets would cover from 80-120 seats - The CSeries would cover from 110-190 seats - The 737 family would cover from 125-215 seats - The A320 family would cover from 125-220 seats Giving them (BA) a family that would allow carriers to operate wholly CSeries fleets... which is where commonality giving MRO savings kick in.