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I few programs of interest were shown on the beeb this week.

First Airport Live, think of it as Springwatch for plane spotters... An interesting insight into the goings on at Heathrow, from ground operations, engineering and painting to air traffic control.

And secondly Flights and Fights, an insight into the world of the Low Cost Carrier (focusing on easyJet and Ryanair)

I highly highly recommend anyone on the Commercial Aviation forum watches these if they have some spare time over this weekend before they're removed from iPlayer, rare gems of television that often come few and far between.

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Indeed, I watched Airport Live when it was on TV, and I'm just watching Flights & Fights now...both really good programs offering a fascinating insight into the industry.

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I watched Airport Live and I was not impressed, it was just a rehash of things done before in Airport and the many reality programs about airlines.
The maintenances bit were the best and very interesting.