Single European Sky (SES)...why not?!

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I've just read a really interesting article from regarding the implementation of a Single European Sky (SES) policy across the region.

Here's a link to the article for thost that want to read it for themselves...

I'm just wondering whether anyone on here thinks that a Single European Sky (SES) policy could/should/will ever work and provide the benefits that it suggests, and more so why there are so many problems with implementing it just a simple case of each country's Governments not wanting to do it because they are looking out for their own interests?

Last time I looked the European economy was in a pretty bad state, so surely if there policies such as SES that can be implemented to help make things easier and better, why doesn't it get sorted out?

In the article, it does state that "European airspace is very inefficiently managed compared with the US", which is a bit of an unfair comparison in my mind because they're comparing a combination of countries with individual policies against one main country, although I suspect that what it is trying to suggest is that if all the individual countries came together and a SES policy was implemented then things would work out for the better.

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