Iran Aseman Airlines CEO Kambiz Babaei Fired After Just 7 Months! Under Investigation

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Iran Aseman Airlines CEO Kambiz Babaei has been fired from the airline with immediate effect, after just 7 months in the job. Babaei who replaced long time Iran Aseman Airlines CEO Ali Abedzadeh just 7 months ago, is rumored to be under investigation for theft of Iran Aseman Airline funds and serious fraud involving airline contracts resulting from his involvement in a number of highly suspicious deals where he is suspected of embezzling Aseman airlines funds by negotiating personal commissions for overpriced contracts and receiving huge kickbacks.

Babaei gained media attention a few months ago by damaging the reputation and credibility of Iran Aseman Airlines by openly lying to the British press about the age of his airlines fleet of aircraft, claiming that they were half their true age. The Iran Aseman Airlines fleet has an average age of 20 years, double the 10 years that Babaei falsely claimed. Here is the link to the British Financial Times newspaper where Babaei lied about the age of the Iran Aseman Airlines fleet:

Shortly after becoming Iran Aseman Airlines CEO, Kambiz Babaei’s nose began a spectacular growth spurt…

In another bizarre move, despite owing a debt of over 100 Million US Dollars to the National Iranian Oil Company for aircraft fuel, Babaei recently signed a multi-million dollar football sponsorship deal where he is suspected of having vastly over paid:


It’s really no surprise that an incompetent person like Babaei has been given the chop. According to the Financial Times, Iran Aseman Airlines is a “Quasi state-run airline” and therefore considering that Babaei had zero aviation or commercial management experience, he was a very strange choice for CEO in the first place. It seems finally that the persons who appointed Babaei finally realized that he severely lacked the necessary competencies for the job and got rid of him before he did any more damage.

When media reporters informed him that he had finally been fired, Babaei’s first reaction was to claim that he had not been officially notified, but then seemed to come to terms with his fate. In his departing remarks he openly attacked Iranian government officials for firing him claiming that “They just shuffle people about and stick labels to whomever they choose…” Here is the Farsi transcript:

Let’s hope that Iran Aseman Airlines’ new CEO does a better job and is more concerned about reducing the airlines debts to the Iranian government and improving the quality of service, rather than filling his own pockets like Babaei.

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