BA A380 routes

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I see that BA is about to start service with their A380s.

Anyone know what routes they'll be used on?

Currently, BA has (at least) two flights daily from SEA to LHR. Every time I've flown the route it's been a 747-400 or 777. Any chance that they'll replace those flights with one 380?
In other words, will they be used to build new traffic on long heavy routes, or will they try to save fuel by combining flights? (assuming one 380 would use less fuel than 2 747s).

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I think they're being used for short-haul work to train crews on them, then from LHR-LAX, as far as I know.

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The LAX tickets went on sale a little while ago

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The LAX tickets went on sale a little while ago

As did Hong Kong, I think. The airline was selling return tickets to both cities for £499 return.