Another Berlin Brandenburg SNAFU

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A new problem has emerged with the new Berlin airport that is under construction.

The escalators from the train station to the terminal are too short. The escalators had already been delivered when the problem emerged.

The contractors are not willing to order new escalators. The intend to fill the gap between the floor and the escalator by placing a four step stairs. The German railroad are "not amused". A definitive solution for the problem has not been found yet.

The escalator issue joins a long list if problems for the new Berlin airport. It should have been opened last year, but due to problem with fire safety the opening was postponed at the last moment.

Later several other issues were found in and around the terminals. For instance, the data management system that processes passanger data does not work. The airport is now expected to be opened in 2015.

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Should have left the old, still working perfectly fine, airport alone.

Bloody men in suits trying to save a penny, but spending a lot to get there.