Second A350 Leaves Final Assembly

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The second A350 flight test aircraft (MSN003) has now left the final assembly line and has been moved to Station 18 on the flightline.

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Oh please, no. Not a blow by blow account of the A350 too.

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Oliver, welcome back. I haven't seen you on the forum for some time and wondered whether you were ok.

The A350 is a fine aircraft, and, while the order backlog is not quite as vast as the B787, there is still plenty for us all to get our teeth into. :D

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Is there likelihood of the A350 appearing at Finkenwerder? Or is it strictly Toulouse

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Providing the flight testing progresses to schedule, then the rumour 'up north' is that the A.350 will display at Hawarden, en route to Farnborough July 2014. Although the date I've seen is a Sunday (the 6th), the A.380 did appear a few years back at a weekend Wirral event en route to Farnborough to show off to the Chester workfirce, so there is a precedent set.