UK charter airlines from the early 2000s!

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Just thought I'd create a nostalgia thread for some great liveries from 10-13 years ago.

Airtours International Airways

Britannia Airways

Air 2000

Monarch Airlines


Excel Airways

There's a lot of nostalgic value for these liveries as, when I first started flying regularly these airlines were in their prime. It's sad that the only one of them that now exists as we know them is Monarch, after all the mergers and in the case of Excel, liquidation, and there's only three main UK charter airlines, that are Monarch, Thomson and Thomas Cook. I suppose the emergence of the low cost airlines such as Easyjet, Ryanair and Jet2, and the way they've been targeting the popular holiday destinations like Spain, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, etc has made up the numbers. But these were some great liveries!

Anyway, reminisce and post some more airlines. I miss these planes. :(

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I wish they were all still around!

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Same, I've flown with all of them barring Airtours, although I have since flown with Thomas Cook post-MyTravel merger.

I only flew with Air 2000 once, but with the First Choice Livery, just before they were rebranded as First Choice Airways:

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I miss the Britannia livery most. It was so iconic.