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Quote: "Because, again and again, fliers choose their airlines based primarily on one selection criterion: Price."

Sometimes there are few other options.

I regularly travel Bristol-Malaga & Bristol-Alicante.

I have the choice between Ryanair:apologetic:, easyJet and sometimes (May-October) Thomsonfly. No others (unless you fancy the exotic choices of traveling via AMS or CDG with a flight/journey time of 16 - 18 hours at around 3 times the cost of the 3 lo-cost, direct flight operators.

Of these, RYR - would you?; TOM - restricted baggage allowance (15kg) and their seasonal timetable from BRS do not fit my requirements; EZY usually gets my money as I have found them to be reasonably priced (if you do a Fred Pontin - "Book early!" and their seats are better for my wife who has a chronic back problem.

Unless I win the big lottery:D, and can then afford to charter a private aircraft:cool:, I have no real choice. Otherwise, I don't think I would (or could) pay more for a full-service carrier seat, if one was available, as that wouldn't get me there any quicker. In-flight service is not a problem on the 2-2.5 hours - coffee or a quick G&T, and you're the nephew of your father's brother Robert!

But pleeeeeeeeeeeeze Mrs easyJet, now there is allocated seating, how about clamping down on the cabin-baggage hogs with their over-sized wheel-ly bags? Make them pay for anything that doesn't actually fit into their bag gauge. Rant over!