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Key Publishing's Online Shop has a wide selection of magazines, DVDs, books, models and flight sims at great prices Some of our bestsellers are shown below. Click here for full details


Brisbane Airport (DVD)

Join AirUtopia at Brisbane Airport, voted the best in Australia in 2010! Enjoy some amazing Queensland airport action with a huge variety of 'Aussie' domestic carriers such as Norfolk Air, Skytrans and Alliance along with a spectacular array of international operators including JAL, China Airlines, Royal Brunei, Cathay Pacific, Air Vanuatu and more!

Key price £12.49 Buy now!


LAX Classic - Los Angeles International (DVD)

Journey back to one of America's most famous and loved airports LAX - Los Angeles Airport. AirUtopia takes you back to the late 80s and early 90s for a glimpse at the classic airlines and airliners that helped make this era a turning point in aviation history. From the majors that didn't make it, such as Eastern Airlines and Pan Am to the classic aircraft that are rarely seen in the sky today, get a rare glimpse back into time and see what makes LAX one of the most amazing airports of all time!

Key price £7.49 Buy now!


Airbus Factories Spectacular (DVD)

AirUtopia travel to Toulouse-Blagnac and Hamburg-Finkenwerder Airports over a period of 4 years to capture the daily action during the testing process for the Super Jumbo A380. The excitement continues with scenes of the incredible Airbus 'Beluga' Super Transporter in action along with the A320 family of jets, A330s and A340s that are destined to one day serve airlines around the globe!

Key price £12.49 Buy now!


Airbus - The Collector Edition (Flight SIM)

This Airbus Collectors Edition offers you the opportunity of piloting virtually all of the aircraft in the Airbus range from the comfort of your own home or office. Each aircraft comes with its own set of liveries and detailed instrument panels and gauges.

Fully customised Flight Management Computer (FMC) and virtual cockpit with full 3D panels are all included.

Models included in this package are:
A310-300 - A319-100 - A320-200 - A330-300 - A340-600 - A350-800 - A380-700 - A380-800 A380-800F - A380-900

Key price £23.99 Buy now!


Oasis Hong Kong Boeing 747-400 (DVD)

Hong Kong's classic long haul carrier becomes the 189th airline in the World Air Routes series. In the cockpit of the B747-400 you will fly the airline's maiden route from Hong Kong to London and back.

After a company presentation by the CEO, Flight Ops and Ground Ops Managers you'll descend from the mountain to CLK Airport in the cable car for some amazing views of the Airport. We then meet the crew who brief us on the flight are ready for takeoff in the cockpit of the 747-400. Both Captains give a very extensive presentation of the aircraft, the route, the operation and many other details pertaining to the airline and last, but certainly not least, we take to the sky for the first ever air to air footage of a 747 over the English coast!

Key price £18.49 Buy now!

Key Publishing's Online Shop has a wide selection of magazines, DVDs, books, models and flight sims at great prices. Click here for full details

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