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I don't have a subscription to Airliner World, but I thought I would post here to see if this rather young regional carrier has gotten any coverage in AW as of late? I've flown with them several times in the past few months, and by and large I was very impressed. Thanks for any leads anyone can provide!

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It's esentially a re-branded and re-structured version of Gulfstream International Airlines, which filed for Chapter 11 protection back in 2010. The assests of Gulfstream were purchased by a different company and then a new name and livery were applied to the aircraft.

Since their launch, Silver have purchased more aircraft and done rather well for itself as they've managed to pick up several Essential Air Service (EAS) routes, which is the same as our Public Service Obligation (PSO) system we have here in the UK/Europe.

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Let's hope for Silver Airways they are not featured in Airlinerworld. There seems to be a curse on Airlinerworld with relatively young airlines going bankrupt shortly after a feature in Airlinerworld. At least that was the case two years ago. Nowadays I do not read the magazine that often due to limited availability.